Myradon-Final.pngIn the final days of the First Sineg Empire, the Triumverate, a trio of powerful necromancers, ruled cruelly, with an iron fist. It was then that the legendary hero, Kordon, the Hand of Pelor, emerged from the masses and led a revolution against the evil Triumverate. It is said that in the final battle of the war, Kordon, equipped with the 12 artifacts gifted to him by The Lord of Light himself, faced the Triumverate and single-handedly defeated them before himself disappearing.

In the year 5212, nearly three thousand years later, The Second Great Sineg Empire arose, inner turmoil racked Norstia, Leamas, Land of the Monsters, had begun raiding Thorem, and no one had been able to reach Tabeth in months.

The Triumverate rose once more to conquer the land, taking followers from all lands to further their dark desires. A party of adventures were called upon to quash the rising of this great evil.

Cuthbert, a dead eyed half elf ranger, Zabear, a human paladin devoted to the word of Pelor, Formosus and empty headed wizard capable of amazing magical feats, Dart, a rogue with a quick dagger and a quicker tongue, and Gheist, a dwarven barbarian with a mind as immovable as his body, and Daora, once personal cleric to the queen of Dragonmill.

They traveled through the land of Myradon, honing their skills and gathering the artifacts of Kordon. Through their many trials they found themselves face to face with the Triumverate and struck them down at the cost of Kordon losing his life in the fray. For this great triumph they were lauded by the country and through their work, each was eventually rewarded a seat on the tron of a nation and kept for themselves an artifact of Kordon, leaving the rest buried with Kordon’s body at Kordon’s Rest.

For twenty years the land was peaceful, until some of the party began ruling with an evermore heavy hand. This caused severe unrest amoung the people that was immediatly quashed.

In 5242 the lands of the party sent their armies to depose the seats of Zabear and Dart. The war was short, with only 4 months passing until is was reported that Dart and Zabear, two of the hand of Pelor, responsible for the final fall of the Triumverate, had been killed.

Twenty years have passed, the year is 5262. Our hero’s find themselves captured and imprisoned in Dragonstooth castle. Moments before their execution they are saved by who appears to be Zabear and Dart, both bearing the black seal of the Triumverate. They are told that all they know is a lie and sent to succeed where the two hero’s had failed. What could this spell for our party?

What could this spell for the world?

The Last Breath of Myradon

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