The Last Breath of Myradon

Gris's Questbook - Session 6 (11/24/14)
Hometown Hurry

We rode to Dragonmill without much trouble. There was a very odd man on the road who tried to kill us but I’m getting used to that hanging out with this bunch. At least it’s not boring. He seemed like he was sent for us. He was tough too and not human, looked like a divine servant. I been on some shit lists in my day, but this is up there. After he was defeated I searched his clothes, he teleported before death so we’ll be seeing him again, I found a lot of platinum. Tried to nick some of it but was caught by that drunken fool. I lied easily enough, said I was just counting it, which was partially true. The bitch came and tried to snatch it away. I don’t know if it was the adrenaline from the battle or if I’m just getting tired of her but I gave her a little mosquito bite to remember me by.

We arrived in Dragonmill and I made the rounds around the old slums. I found the old cult I knew about that worships Dart. They seemed like a much better bet than taking our chances hiding in the usual safe houses. The new ruler here has really let the place go to shit, guards everywhere, people starving more so than usual. I managed to gather the party together and get us there to make contact. I showed them the mark of Nerul on Ogion’s hand and they let me in to talk. I was immediately attacked by some kind of weird cultist assassin, or at least he had that manner about him. I tried not to show it but I was frightened by him. He asked me what the hell I was doing in the city. I replied I was simply trying to gather some intel about the job and the artifacts before setting off to find our first war chest. He told me to get to Mul and talk to it’s ruler. He is the last man who can help us. Then he told me to fuck off, quickly.

Goddamnit I get home and not even a chance to relax a bit, visit old friends, my parents grave, the old pubs before fuckin’ off.

Unheard whispers from a small ceramic owl figurine in a druid's pack

Well, they may not be the best, but Nerule accepted these ones so they must have done something right. For a god, he sure does like to bother the shit out of a guy. If Zabes hadn’t been wounded in their little prison break I would have had more time to prepare them, help them, even travel with them, but it’s in their hands now.

And Daeora, the son of a bitch. He should have known they were here to save us, the gods talk to him as much as they talk to me, but Pelor must still have a hold on him. I’ll have to go all the way to Mul. Ghiest hasn’t spoken to any of us in a decade but he might still be free. He has to still be free. The bargain I made with Nerule to bring Zabes back the first time took too much, fucking Formoses. Next time we’ll have Ghiest with us, next time we won’t fail.

Gris's Questbook - Session 5 (11/17/2014)
Liars and Whores

After we awoke we proceeded to trace the quickest path out of the dungeon on the map we recovered from the wyvern. Despite our expedient route, tempers flared and we had some trouble with blasted undead monsters. We came to a door which was stuck fast and when our two meaty friends couldn’t break the door down I suggested Ogion simply blast it down. Before he could do this however, in her haste to be out of the cavelike dungeon, the bitch attempted to break the door down herself. When I tried to lay hands on her to stop her from attempting a hopeless action she blurted out our little secret to the party. I must admit, I didn’t think she would betray me so soon. I lied it off easily, but then Ogion, crafty bastard that he is, cast a spell which made the ground I stood on a holy place where none may tell a lie. They repeated their questions about what I stole from the blasted coffin and my thoughts turned to the laughing rogue. I steeled myself and lied directly to them even though I stood on hallowed ground. I didn’t know I possessed the force of will which allowed me to bypass the magic but I managed for a moment to lie and now they are all quite convinced that all I took from the sarcophagus was a worthless magnifying lense I bought at a stall in Lightfell.

However, they do know that Kordon carried 12 artifacts and surely even these fools can do basic arithmetic. We only found 11 in the sarcophagus and I found the other. How I shall continue to keep this secret, I don’t know, but it has been fun trying so far.

We escaped the foul tomb and came upon a Paladin making something of a racket near the shrine. Since we found ourselves in a city, my favorite place to be, I didn’t listen to anything the crazy fool had to say and I ran off to find a prostitute and a couple bottles of good stiff wine. These occupied me well into the next morning and I awoke with a frightening hangover. Despite this I recovered enough to do a little shopping and secure paying passage to our next destination, my old hometown. We depart in the morning with a caravan in need of a little light security. The paladin will be joining us apparently. This ought to be fun.

Gris's Questbook - Session 4 (11/9/14)
The Unhappy Dragon

After we defeated our three foes a fourth appeared. This one was also some sort of celestial lion creature but much stronger. We managed to use the amulet Dart gave us to flee to Kordon’s Rest. We found ourselves in a dark stone room with a sarcophagus at it’s center. I began examining it but while I was doing this our drunk companion approached and threw the lid from it before I was able to stop him. This triggered a complex pit trap of some sort that dropped us into a room below. After we recovered ourselves I told the party to wait and let me scout forward for traps. Given this most recent experience they complied and I looked around, discovering we were in a very maze like dungeon. I suggested we make camp so we might recover from our most recent fight. Our elf companion gave me some trouble, I don’t believe she enjoys the dark underground as much as I, but we were able to convince her to stay for at least one night.

After we awoke I told my companions my real name, I think I can trust them with at least that much and I didn’t think they would cooperate with me otherwise. I told them to let me go forward though our elf archer insisted on coming with me also. I begrudgingly complied and told her to keep quiet and behind me. We made our way through the paths of the maze finding some loot here and there that I grabbed for the party. The elf saw me use my knife once or twice and asked what it was. I simply said it was a knife and I that I knew one or two rogue tricks. I don’t like her she is too curious, too suspicious. We came upon a few more creatures and traps which we defeated and I disarmed. One trap was, however, beyond my skill. It was very complex and magical, those are always tricky. We triggered it as we walked by and it shot a large lightning bolt at myself and the elf. We avoided the worst of it but it was a close call. Ogion, our druid friend, offered to affect the trap with magic and he caused the mechanism to heat and deform where it was embedded in the wall. We heard this and thought it safe but as he stepped forward I stopped him and suggested he send forth ahead of us one of the rats he had summoned to serve him, a very useful skill indeed. As the poor bastard approached the trap it exploded with even more ferocity than the last, killing him instantly. The wall was damaged and we didn’t hear the trap reset to fire again as it had, presumably due to Ogion’s previous spellcasting. I enjoy his company. He’s very useful and I like mages, always have. As we continued forward I came to a large locked stone door. I told the party to hold while I checked the door for traps and such. I found none and disabled the very complex lock with my knife. I peered through the hole and just managed to see a large pile of bones. I listened through the door and heard rattling as if some creature moved within. I returned to the party and Ogion suggested we send another rat to investigate. Whatever was inside the room wouldn’t balk much at seeing a rat in a tomb now would it? We did this and the rat reported a very large undead creature of some sort. We decided to go forward rather than find some way around it. There are five of us plus two little rats after all. Ogion went forward and identified it as an undead Wyvern. Upon his return we prepared to engage the beast with spells to boost our abilities. After preparations we sent the rats forward as a distraction. They climbed inside it and began eating him from the inside out. While the beast dealt with them Ogion cast a mist into the room to cover our approach. While the rest of the party engaged the beast, laying blow after blow and trapping him in some kind of entangling spell, I climbed the walls of the room using the spell ogion cast upon me to climb along the ceiling over the top of the dreaded thing. I fell, drawing daggers as I did and through the mist appeared my foe. I buried the daggers in between two of it’s vertebrae and, prying them apart. This was the last of the hideous thing and he collapsed to a pile of bones. The mist cleared and I stood atop the pile sheathing my daggers, practiced shit eating grin upon my face. We discovered the former Wyvern guarded a chest of some sort with some loot and a map of the tunnels we were travelling through. I determined this from the small map I had been drawing as we went. It had a room nearby marked so we proceeded there. I convinced the others except for the elf to stay back while I scouted ahead. We discovered a room with another sarcophagus and many statues of the legendary party who defeated the triumvirate years ago. I examined the sarcophagus and found it safe so I opened it discovering many artifacts inside but no body. Before we called for the others I distracted the elf and attempted to grab some for myself. I only managed to get one earring before she turned and caught me. The party demanded an explanation so I told them I was a thief, if they couldn’t already tell from my skillset, and that when I sense danger I have a tendency to grab at things. I told them I hadn’t taken anything other than the ring I was picking up when she saw me. They bought it but she did not, as I found out when she approached me while we were on watch as the party rested. I managed to convince the foolish harlot that the small magnifying lense I carry on me was one of the artifacts. I told her I wasn’t sure what it did and asked if she would reveal my treachery. She said she would keep quiet. I don’t know what her game is but I like it, I’ll play. Meanwhile I have only to discover the power of the earring as well as the sword and boots which were my fair share of the loot. Before we slept Ogion carved a piece of rotten flesh from the beast and used his magic to create a treasure map to the beasts living horde. A dragon’s horde would be a grand find indeed and I think if we leave this place we should head there as soon as possible. That should prepare us for whatever Nerul, our patron and boss apparently, expects of us next.
Gris's Questbook - Session 3 (11/3/14)
The Lion and the Thief: A Love Story

Damn the machinations of deities and demigods who think they can play with my life like it is nothing. Because it is. They’ve blown my cover with the guard. I collapsed and was taken to the infirmary where they found the mark and I was put back in a sun worshipers prison cell. Nerul transported me from there to his realm and told me I was to go on a great quest (aren’t they always) to restore balance among the gods. Apparently Peylor has gotten a bit uppity and though this affects my patron I don’t care much. Deities fight and struggle for power amongst themselves and use us for pawns when it’s convenient. I asked Nerul to remove his mark from my hand. I am no one’s cattle, not even the laughing rogue himself.

Now I must simply wait. Hopefully I can convince these sun worshipers I am no heretic. I doubt they will release me, but right now I only wish to stay alive. Should be easier without that fucking mark. I’ll play along with these schemes for now. Seems interesting enough, I was getting bored, and I’m told that if I defy the will of the gods my career prospects will take a bit of a nosedive. I’ll do anything to escape. To escape my small life wallowing in the slums of a city that cares not, to escape this cell, to escape the quiet hopelessness. I care not for fame or even for fortune, though that is very nice. I want to live beyond mere existence. There’s something grand out there. Only a few see it. It’s behind the walls and under the floorboards and in dark, back rooms. It’s in the mountains and swamps hidden away. It’s even here in this fucking sun worshiper’s cell. Intrigue. I can smell it. Or perhaps that’s me. They haven’t let me bathe. The bastards.

After a time the back wall of my cell gave way and I exited into a large arena where a very powerful cleric of Peylor, I believe he is the ruler of this awful town, sentenced us to die. I was thrown into a fight with my former comrades, who each appeared from different cells. No time for subtlety. Our dark patron saw fit to restore our weapons and gear to us so we might have a chance against our foes. We faced off against three celestials. Two lions and some sort of planar dog man. Though I did not lay the final blow against any of them, I did my part. I even managed to stab a lion right in his swinging cock, which I always enjoy.

Gris's Questbook - Session 2 (10/27/14)
The Road to Lightfell

After we woke from our sleep at the inn in Bellkeep, we convened and examined the artifacts more closely. Gohan told us the amulet appears to be a very powerful artifact of Peylor, his patron, which he believes can transport us to Cordon’s rest. I believe Dart intends us to go there for he said to let the amulet guide us. He’s probably the only reason I’m staying on this insane expedition. I thought the old rogue was dead. If anyone can slip out of deaths grip it’d be him if half the stories were true. Upon further examination, I noticed the amulet has been deformed slightly by repeated grasping in the same manner. I tried to emulate the motion based on the marks I found but I was unable to because it appears to require more than two hands. I told the party this but I don’t believe we will be able to guess it. I asked around for a priest or scholar who might be able to shed some light, haha fuckin’ sun worshipers, on this little problem and was directed to the local church.

We talked to a priest of Peylor in the town, after a little small talk about Cordon’s rest in which he told us a fun tale of goblins and he said it’s been sealed by powerful magic for thirty years, I detected no hostility from him, so we showed him the amulet. As he took it it did not burn him, which is odd. He then proceeded to tell us it was a fake and a forgery filled with evil magic. He wanted to destroy it but I told him I wouldn’t allow it and he gave it to our stone fisted monk. I do not believe the amulet is fake though I detected no deception from the man, Dart gave it to me for a reason and though he is a cunning rogue, I do not believe he would hand me a common forgery. Many mysteries present themselves and we still have no idea what the other two artifacts do, I couldn’t see they were related to the amulet in any obvious way.

The priest directed us to Lightfell where we might find one more knowledgeable than he. I must leave the party, Alton Greenbottle is burned and his whole network is useless since the events at the castle. I shall book passage, so to speak with a local merchant caravan to Castle Greyspire and find my way south to Lightfell from there while they take the pass Ogion knew of. Along the way I shall take a new name and face. Perhaps a common laborer who moonlights as a simple cutpurse this time, easier. I’m leaving a note in Elvish with the innkeep, hopefully the wench will deliver my message, never know who you can rely on these days. I shall reach Lightfell before them, if the laughing rogue wills, and be able to find some secure lodgings in town so that we may continue exploring this. If I make it to the town before them I shall try to establish some contacts, unfortunately I’ve never been to Lightfell before. But it’s a city like any other. I like cities.

Fuck I was wrong this city is all guards and no thieves, fucking sun worshipers. I have established myself as a member of the guard who also worships Peylor. Hopefully the disguise will hold. It’s an interesting life hunting down my fellow thieves. Strangely fun though. What can I say? I like a challenge. When and if the party arrives I will approach them and ask them if they have had any trouble with cut purses in the area, if it is truly them and not some force masquerading as them for unknown purposes, hopefully they will remember my note.

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