The Last Breath of Myradon

Gris's Questbook - Session 2 (10/27/14)

The Road to Lightfell

After we woke from our sleep at the inn in Bellkeep, we convened and examined the artifacts more closely. Gohan told us the amulet appears to be a very powerful artifact of Peylor, his patron, which he believes can transport us to Cordon’s rest. I believe Dart intends us to go there for he said to let the amulet guide us. He’s probably the only reason I’m staying on this insane expedition. I thought the old rogue was dead. If anyone can slip out of deaths grip it’d be him if half the stories were true. Upon further examination, I noticed the amulet has been deformed slightly by repeated grasping in the same manner. I tried to emulate the motion based on the marks I found but I was unable to because it appears to require more than two hands. I told the party this but I don’t believe we will be able to guess it. I asked around for a priest or scholar who might be able to shed some light, haha fuckin’ sun worshipers, on this little problem and was directed to the local church.

We talked to a priest of Peylor in the town, after a little small talk about Cordon’s rest in which he told us a fun tale of goblins and he said it’s been sealed by powerful magic for thirty years, I detected no hostility from him, so we showed him the amulet. As he took it it did not burn him, which is odd. He then proceeded to tell us it was a fake and a forgery filled with evil magic. He wanted to destroy it but I told him I wouldn’t allow it and he gave it to our stone fisted monk. I do not believe the amulet is fake though I detected no deception from the man, Dart gave it to me for a reason and though he is a cunning rogue, I do not believe he would hand me a common forgery. Many mysteries present themselves and we still have no idea what the other two artifacts do, I couldn’t see they were related to the amulet in any obvious way.

The priest directed us to Lightfell where we might find one more knowledgeable than he. I must leave the party, Alton Greenbottle is burned and his whole network is useless since the events at the castle. I shall book passage, so to speak with a local merchant caravan to Castle Greyspire and find my way south to Lightfell from there while they take the pass Ogion knew of. Along the way I shall take a new name and face. Perhaps a common laborer who moonlights as a simple cutpurse this time, easier. I’m leaving a note in Elvish with the innkeep, hopefully the wench will deliver my message, never know who you can rely on these days. I shall reach Lightfell before them, if the laughing rogue wills, and be able to find some secure lodgings in town so that we may continue exploring this. If I make it to the town before them I shall try to establish some contacts, unfortunately I’ve never been to Lightfell before. But it’s a city like any other. I like cities.

Fuck I was wrong this city is all guards and no thieves, fucking sun worshipers. I have established myself as a member of the guard who also worships Peylor. Hopefully the disguise will hold. It’s an interesting life hunting down my fellow thieves. Strangely fun though. What can I say? I like a challenge. When and if the party arrives I will approach them and ask them if they have had any trouble with cut purses in the area, if it is truly them and not some force masquerading as them for unknown purposes, hopefully they will remember my note.



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