The Last Breath of Myradon

Gris's Questbook - Session 3 (11/3/14)

The Lion and the Thief: A Love Story

Damn the machinations of deities and demigods who think they can play with my life like it is nothing. Because it is. They’ve blown my cover with the guard. I collapsed and was taken to the infirmary where they found the mark and I was put back in a sun worshipers prison cell. Nerul transported me from there to his realm and told me I was to go on a great quest (aren’t they always) to restore balance among the gods. Apparently Peylor has gotten a bit uppity and though this affects my patron I don’t care much. Deities fight and struggle for power amongst themselves and use us for pawns when it’s convenient. I asked Nerul to remove his mark from my hand. I am no one’s cattle, not even the laughing rogue himself.

Now I must simply wait. Hopefully I can convince these sun worshipers I am no heretic. I doubt they will release me, but right now I only wish to stay alive. Should be easier without that fucking mark. I’ll play along with these schemes for now. Seems interesting enough, I was getting bored, and I’m told that if I defy the will of the gods my career prospects will take a bit of a nosedive. I’ll do anything to escape. To escape my small life wallowing in the slums of a city that cares not, to escape this cell, to escape the quiet hopelessness. I care not for fame or even for fortune, though that is very nice. I want to live beyond mere existence. There’s something grand out there. Only a few see it. It’s behind the walls and under the floorboards and in dark, back rooms. It’s in the mountains and swamps hidden away. It’s even here in this fucking sun worshiper’s cell. Intrigue. I can smell it. Or perhaps that’s me. They haven’t let me bathe. The bastards.

After a time the back wall of my cell gave way and I exited into a large arena where a very powerful cleric of Peylor, I believe he is the ruler of this awful town, sentenced us to die. I was thrown into a fight with my former comrades, who each appeared from different cells. No time for subtlety. Our dark patron saw fit to restore our weapons and gear to us so we might have a chance against our foes. We faced off against three celestials. Two lions and some sort of planar dog man. Though I did not lay the final blow against any of them, I did my part. I even managed to stab a lion right in his swinging cock, which I always enjoy.



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