The Last Breath of Myradon

Unheard whispers from a small ceramic owl figurine in a druid's pack

Well, they may not be the best, but Nerule accepted these ones so they must have done something right. For a god, he sure does like to bother the shit out of a guy. If Zabes hadn’t been wounded in their little prison break I would have had more time to prepare them, help them, even travel with them, but it’s in their hands now.

And Daeora, the son of a bitch. He should have known they were here to save us, the gods talk to him as much as they talk to me, but Pelor must still have a hold on him. I’ll have to go all the way to Mul. Ghiest hasn’t spoken to any of us in a decade but he might still be free. He has to still be free. The bargain I made with Nerule to bring Zabes back the first time took too much, fucking Formoses. Next time we’ll have Ghiest with us, next time we won’t fail.



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