The Last Breath of Myradon

Gris's Questbook - Session 4 (11/9/14)

The Unhappy Dragon

After we defeated our three foes a fourth appeared. This one was also some sort of celestial lion creature but much stronger. We managed to use the amulet Dart gave us to flee to Kordon’s Rest. We found ourselves in a dark stone room with a sarcophagus at it’s center. I began examining it but while I was doing this our drunk companion approached and threw the lid from it before I was able to stop him. This triggered a complex pit trap of some sort that dropped us into a room below. After we recovered ourselves I told the party to wait and let me scout forward for traps. Given this most recent experience they complied and I looked around, discovering we were in a very maze like dungeon. I suggested we make camp so we might recover from our most recent fight. Our elf companion gave me some trouble, I don’t believe she enjoys the dark underground as much as I, but we were able to convince her to stay for at least one night.

After we awoke I told my companions my real name, I think I can trust them with at least that much and I didn’t think they would cooperate with me otherwise. I told them to let me go forward though our elf archer insisted on coming with me also. I begrudgingly complied and told her to keep quiet and behind me. We made our way through the paths of the maze finding some loot here and there that I grabbed for the party. The elf saw me use my knife once or twice and asked what it was. I simply said it was a knife and I that I knew one or two rogue tricks. I don’t like her she is too curious, too suspicious. We came upon a few more creatures and traps which we defeated and I disarmed. One trap was, however, beyond my skill. It was very complex and magical, those are always tricky. We triggered it as we walked by and it shot a large lightning bolt at myself and the elf. We avoided the worst of it but it was a close call. Ogion, our druid friend, offered to affect the trap with magic and he caused the mechanism to heat and deform where it was embedded in the wall. We heard this and thought it safe but as he stepped forward I stopped him and suggested he send forth ahead of us one of the rats he had summoned to serve him, a very useful skill indeed. As the poor bastard approached the trap it exploded with even more ferocity than the last, killing him instantly. The wall was damaged and we didn’t hear the trap reset to fire again as it had, presumably due to Ogion’s previous spellcasting. I enjoy his company. He’s very useful and I like mages, always have. As we continued forward I came to a large locked stone door. I told the party to hold while I checked the door for traps and such. I found none and disabled the very complex lock with my knife. I peered through the hole and just managed to see a large pile of bones. I listened through the door and heard rattling as if some creature moved within. I returned to the party and Ogion suggested we send another rat to investigate. Whatever was inside the room wouldn’t balk much at seeing a rat in a tomb now would it? We did this and the rat reported a very large undead creature of some sort. We decided to go forward rather than find some way around it. There are five of us plus two little rats after all. Ogion went forward and identified it as an undead Wyvern. Upon his return we prepared to engage the beast with spells to boost our abilities. After preparations we sent the rats forward as a distraction. They climbed inside it and began eating him from the inside out. While the beast dealt with them Ogion cast a mist into the room to cover our approach. While the rest of the party engaged the beast, laying blow after blow and trapping him in some kind of entangling spell, I climbed the walls of the room using the spell ogion cast upon me to climb along the ceiling over the top of the dreaded thing. I fell, drawing daggers as I did and through the mist appeared my foe. I buried the daggers in between two of it’s vertebrae and, prying them apart. This was the last of the hideous thing and he collapsed to a pile of bones. The mist cleared and I stood atop the pile sheathing my daggers, practiced shit eating grin upon my face. We discovered the former Wyvern guarded a chest of some sort with some loot and a map of the tunnels we were travelling through. I determined this from the small map I had been drawing as we went. It had a room nearby marked so we proceeded there. I convinced the others except for the elf to stay back while I scouted ahead. We discovered a room with another sarcophagus and many statues of the legendary party who defeated the triumvirate years ago. I examined the sarcophagus and found it safe so I opened it discovering many artifacts inside but no body. Before we called for the others I distracted the elf and attempted to grab some for myself. I only managed to get one earring before she turned and caught me. The party demanded an explanation so I told them I was a thief, if they couldn’t already tell from my skillset, and that when I sense danger I have a tendency to grab at things. I told them I hadn’t taken anything other than the ring I was picking up when she saw me. They bought it but she did not, as I found out when she approached me while we were on watch as the party rested. I managed to convince the foolish harlot that the small magnifying lense I carry on me was one of the artifacts. I told her I wasn’t sure what it did and asked if she would reveal my treachery. She said she would keep quiet. I don’t know what her game is but I like it, I’ll play. Meanwhile I have only to discover the power of the earring as well as the sword and boots which were my fair share of the loot. Before we slept Ogion carved a piece of rotten flesh from the beast and used his magic to create a treasure map to the beasts living horde. A dragon’s horde would be a grand find indeed and I think if we leave this place we should head there as soon as possible. That should prepare us for whatever Nerul, our patron and boss apparently, expects of us next.



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