The Last Breath of Myradon

Gris's Questbook - Session 5 (11/17/2014)

Liars and Whores

After we awoke we proceeded to trace the quickest path out of the dungeon on the map we recovered from the wyvern. Despite our expedient route, tempers flared and we had some trouble with blasted undead monsters. We came to a door which was stuck fast and when our two meaty friends couldn’t break the door down I suggested Ogion simply blast it down. Before he could do this however, in her haste to be out of the cavelike dungeon, the bitch attempted to break the door down herself. When I tried to lay hands on her to stop her from attempting a hopeless action she blurted out our little secret to the party. I must admit, I didn’t think she would betray me so soon. I lied it off easily, but then Ogion, crafty bastard that he is, cast a spell which made the ground I stood on a holy place where none may tell a lie. They repeated their questions about what I stole from the blasted coffin and my thoughts turned to the laughing rogue. I steeled myself and lied directly to them even though I stood on hallowed ground. I didn’t know I possessed the force of will which allowed me to bypass the magic but I managed for a moment to lie and now they are all quite convinced that all I took from the sarcophagus was a worthless magnifying lense I bought at a stall in Lightfell.

However, they do know that Kordon carried 12 artifacts and surely even these fools can do basic arithmetic. We only found 11 in the sarcophagus and I found the other. How I shall continue to keep this secret, I don’t know, but it has been fun trying so far.

We escaped the foul tomb and came upon a Paladin making something of a racket near the shrine. Since we found ourselves in a city, my favorite place to be, I didn’t listen to anything the crazy fool had to say and I ran off to find a prostitute and a couple bottles of good stiff wine. These occupied me well into the next morning and I awoke with a frightening hangover. Despite this I recovered enough to do a little shopping and secure paying passage to our next destination, my old hometown. We depart in the morning with a caravan in need of a little light security. The paladin will be joining us apparently. This ought to be fun.



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