This week on G4-- quiet but fierce female elf who holds a grudge. Tune in at 3AM for the hot Elf-on-Panther action!


A female elf with a troubled past and her black panther companion roam the lands of Myradon together with naught but vengeful plans. Arbellasa, or Ella for short, is an attractive but distant elf. She is not used to talking or forming relationships, as most of her relationships have been destroyed by the evil that lies within Myradon. Her new companions have all accepted her as a valuable piece of the group, but she feels distant and unlike the majority of the party. She is uncomfortable communicating with them, but knows this mission is hers just as it is theirs. The more time she spends with them, the more comfortable she feels, and the more open to their friendship she becomes. She plans to let them in on her secrets, but they will have to ask the right questions at the right time.

Her panther companion, Armas NenHarma, is an incredibly fierce and protective best friend. He is the only living being in Myradon who understands how she feels. He will die protecting her, and she will die protecting him.



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