Gris "Grey"

Halfling rogue/spymaster/thief-acrobat


Name: Gris “Grey”
Race: Halfling (raised by Gnomes)
Physical Description

  • Height: 3 ft. 6 in. (on the tall side for a halfling)
  • Weight: 35 lbs (lean)
  • Age: 25 (Young Adult)
  • Eye Color: Hazel (almost yellow/gold)
  • Hair: Sort of dirty black
  • Distinguishing Marks: Superficial burns on left leg which makes his spymaster gig harder so he prefers to keep them hidden at all times.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, good tendencies (will fuck you over but never cruelly)
    Level: 4
    Class: 2 Rogue, 1 Spymaster, 1 Thief Acrobat
    Role in the Party: Gris is not a melee combat rogue. He has some ability to do decent spike damage but his primary roles are scout, infiltrator, trapfinder, diplomancer, intelligence gatherer, and counterintelligence.

Gris found himself abandoned in the city at a very young age (5ish) and remembers very little of any time before. He had to look out for himself and quickly formed/joined up with a small gang of poor street kids who mostly just stole food or money to buy food. This is where he picked up his basic level 1 rogue skills as well as his, we’ll call it appreciation, for Olidammara. Eventually, shit goes wrong, as it’s want to do, and Gris found himself stuck in the chimney pipes of a house (this is where he acquired the burns on his left leg). He got himself into this predicament trying to escape from some guards who caught his gang stealing food from the market, most of them were captured. The house was occupied by an old gnome craftsman and his wife (300ish), who distracted the guards and hid Gris in the house.

The couple had no children of their own, perhaps they died, left, or simply couldn’t, and, although there was a small gnome community in the area, they were extremely lonely as a result, as Gnome’s are extremely social. This led them to sort of adopt Gris. At first they simply told him he was welcome and that they would feed him whenever he came by. Over time he just sort of stayed and they raised him. They taught him how to read and write common, halfling, and gnomish, and they named him Gris because he came out of the chimney covered in soot, yes it’s that charming, he doesn’t like to talk about it. In addition to this basic education the community also taught him how to fight like a gnome as well as some more advanced subjects like history, basic math, poetry, etc.

As he got older his Gnome father, who was an accomplished craftsman and builder, took him out to construction jobs around the city. He worked sometimes but mostly he snuck off to climb around the unfinished structures of the buildings and developed a certain fondness for heights and being alone up high (thief acrobat). He didn’t really take to alchemy or magic, much to the chagrin of his mother, who was a healer, his natural talents lay more in the dexterity department, so his father taught him about mechanisms and traps.

Despite this decent, lucky upbringing Gris does not trust easily, having learned many hard lessons in his life that are tough to shake, and as a result has many acquaintances but few actual friends. Although his Gnome parents were decent people and tried to instill this in him, he remains neutral but they did manage to teach him to not be unnecessarily cruel, hence good tendencies. He is quick to take advantage but loyal to his real friends who are few and far between, cunning and deceitful but not malicious.

After growing up in this community Gris’s parents both died simply of old age. He had been supporting them at this point but after their death nothing really tied him to the Gnome community which, while very accepting of him, could never be his actual home. He took his small inheritance and left to make a life for himself as a traveling thief/mercenary/second story man, which solidified the basic skills he’d already learned. He’d always wanted to leave the city and explore elsewhere, but he is most in his element in a city where there are people to rob, contacts to be made, trade to be done, pockets to pick, etc.

One particularly memorable adventure took place while Gris was trying to steal a set of jewels which, unbeknownst to him, belonged to a spymaster, a female half-elf, who was operating under deep cover as a merchant. Through a bit of bad luck on Gris’s part, and paranoia on hers, he was caught in the process of taking the gems and only managed to grab one before he was engaged by her. He managed to fight her to a draw and escape but she got to his fence before he could. She decided after seeing how Gris operated as an accomplished infiltrator to offer him an apprenticeship and taught him the more subtle aspects of infiltration and intelligence gathering. After this period came to an end the spymaster and Gris parted ways, he never knew her real name and she burned her merchant identity to pursue other projects.

Gris maintained a cover identity as a merchant in the starting city. This merchant, whose name was Alton Greenbottle, was also a small time fence. Gris primarily used this identity to maintain his network in the city as well as fence his own loot. Despite Alton’s best efforts, the merchant identity was betrayed by some competition to the guard and he was apprehended and jailed, but not without causing a bit of trouble for the guards. Gris is currently maintaining this identity pending his escape.

Current Alternate Identities (No metagaming mother fuckers)

Alternate Identity 1: Nicholas of the Caves, Mandolin Player

Name: Nicholas of the Caves
Physical Characteristics: short cropped hair, dresses in a loose fashion, carries himself with a drunken bearing, plays mandolin whenever given the chance.
Presenting Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Good as a performer)
Presenting class: Low Level Street Performer
Presenting God: Olidammara
Home City: Dragon Mill

Nicholas of the Caves achieved minor popularity as a performer in the more seedy clubs and bars of the poor districts of Dragon Mill. He was known openly as a simple mandolin player but many in the underworld knew him as a small time cutpurse and information broker. His network, while not as vast as say a level 10 character’s, was decently large (represented by his knowledge local and gather information) and should mostly still be in place and accepting of his return to the city. He also ran a small smuggling ring which earned him his title Nicholas of the Caves.

Gris "Grey"

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