The Last Breath of Myradon

Gris's Questbook - Session 6 (11/24/14)

Hometown Hurry

We rode to Dragonmill without much trouble. There was a very odd man on the road who tried to kill us but I’m getting used to that hanging out with this bunch. At least it’s not boring. He seemed like he was sent for us. He was tough too and not human, looked like a divine servant. I been on some shit lists in my day, but this is up there. After he was defeated I searched his clothes, he teleported before death so we’ll be seeing him again, I found a lot of platinum. Tried to nick some of it but was caught by that drunken fool. I lied easily enough, said I was just counting it, which was partially true. The bitch came and tried to snatch it away. I don’t know if it was the adrenaline from the battle or if I’m just getting tired of her but I gave her a little mosquito bite to remember me by.

We arrived in Dragonmill and I made the rounds around the old slums. I found the old cult I knew about that worships Dart. They seemed like a much better bet than taking our chances hiding in the usual safe houses. The new ruler here has really let the place go to shit, guards everywhere, people starving more so than usual. I managed to gather the party together and get us there to make contact. I showed them the mark of Nerul on Ogion’s hand and they let me in to talk. I was immediately attacked by some kind of weird cultist assassin, or at least he had that manner about him. I tried not to show it but I was frightened by him. He asked me what the hell I was doing in the city. I replied I was simply trying to gather some intel about the job and the artifacts before setting off to find our first war chest. He told me to get to Mul and talk to it’s ruler. He is the last man who can help us. Then he told me to fuck off, quickly.

Goddamnit I get home and not even a chance to relax a bit, visit old friends, my parents grave, the old pubs before fuckin’ off.



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